Holey Moley Inspired

Atticus and I love the new summer game show Holey Moley!

I took him to a miniature golf course today. We had a lot of fun trying to hit the little ball into the holes. This game is tougher than it looks! We agreed to allow a maximum of ten attempts per hole – otherwise we would still be playing!



As you can see by the picture, Atticus doesn’t have a clue how to hold the putter. I spent several minutes with him on the first three holes trying to teach him how to correctly hold the club,but even when he attempted the correct grip, his wrists would end up in really odd, uncomfortable looking positions. So I finally gave up and let him do it his way – weird grip and all – swinging from the left, swinging from the right, whatever felt good to him.

He had a blast, but he’ll never realize his dream of competing on Holey Moley. We also discovered he probably won’t be able to play golf in high school either. But that’s okay, because this kid was made for so much more than just sports.


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