New School Year Brings Big Changes

A new school year - a new school - and many changes. It doesn't seem possible, but Atticus is a 6th grader. He will navigate his way through a new world - learning to transition from class to class, getting to know several new teachers who may not understand his unique ways and needs, organizing … Continue reading New School Year Brings Big Changes

Holey Moley Inspired

Atticus and I love the new summer game show Holey Moley! I took him to a miniature golf course today. We had a lot of fun trying to hit the little ball into the holes. This game is tougher than it looks! We agreed to allow a maximum of ten attempts per hole - otherwise … Continue reading Holey Moley Inspired

It’s Tennis Time

Atticus has been taking team tennis lessons since he was four years old. I wanted to get him involved in some type of sport, and I thought tennis would be the safest bet. Of course, because of his delayed motor skills, low muscle tone, and depth perception problems, it's been a challenge for him from … Continue reading It’s Tennis Time